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Saturday, January 16, 2010

William Singler Owner of American Legal Process Guilty of Fraud

Singler plead guilty 1-15-10 in Nassau County Supreme Court to one count of first degree scheme to defraud, a class E felony. He is expected to be sentenced on March 24.

Singler admitted that he knew some of his employees didn't properly serve court papers the company was hired to deliver.

Singler broke the law and then lied to cover it up,” said Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. “It is not a victimless crime, but one that impacted lives and caused financial hardship for thousands of New Yorkers. Many had their bank accounts frozen, their wages garnished, and liens put on their homes, all because they were denied their day in court.”

It is being reported that he may get one year in jail. If true, I for one am outraged that someone that is responsible for such a terrible crime committed against thousands of people would only get a year in jail.

He single handedly tarnished the image of professional process servers around the world. I believe that the private process serving community needs to speak up and demand that he and all those that helped perpetrate the alledged crimes be held to account for their actions.  That includes the collection law firms that are alleged to have looked the other way when ALP claimed to have had such a high successful service rate.

Anyone in the collection food chain knows the type of results that ALP claimed to be achieving was impossible.

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