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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alernative Service of Process - Service Via Website Posting

Last week a UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA Judge Ordered Service by alternative means pursuant to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 4(f)(3).  This manner of service is somewhat unique and as far as I know has only been ordered exactly this way in one other case.

The Order reads in part as follows:

1. Plaintiff shall serve each Defendant's Summons, Complaint, and all other current
 and future filings in this matter, upon Defendant 8 - via; upon Defendant 10 - via; upon Defendant l 5 - via; upon Defendant 28 via; upon Defendant 39 via goodhandbagsonsaleƧ; upon Defendant 42 via; and upon Defendant 46 - via ;

2. Plaintiff shall also serve each Defendant's Summons, a copy of the Complaint,
and all other current and future filings in this matter, upon each Defendant in this action via (A)
the e-mail addresses provided by Defendants (i) as part of the domain registration data for each
of their respective domain names, including service via registrar, or (ii) on their websites,
including by onsite submission form s, and/or

3. Plaintiff may effectuate service of process on Defendants via publication by
posting a copy of the Complaint, and Summonses on the Internet website appearing at the URL

If you visit the website provided in the Order ( link above) you will find that it is the equivalent of an electronic publication of all the relevant documents in the case that would provide the defendants with actual notice of the lawsuit.  That is assuming they actually visited the site.  The complete Order in this case case her found here.

The other instance of service via a website that is very similar to this example can be found be visiting:  In this case the judge ordered the copies of the pleading to be posting in both English and Chinese as it was believed that the defendant might be of Chinese decent. 

By Jeff Karotkin