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Monday, May 12, 2014

Is it time to challenge yourself? I would argue it is past time!

Is the following true for you?  It is for me!

Process Serving is business.  Like all businesses we have to think outside the box if we are going to prosper let alone survive.

I am not saying process serving is not important, it is.  Call yourself a professional if you actually are, but what we do is a business at its essence. Process Servers must realize change =  opportunity and is not a threat. The profession could become even more profitable if advances in technology were incorporated into how we perform rather than ignored. Being profitable and remaining relevant are critical to our survival.

Far too many of us have been programed to believe how we perform the task of giving notice is sacred.... that changing how we perform the task of giving notice is not acceptable.   It is time, perhaps past time to reinvent our industry.

I would argue that whether we like it or not our clients/customers are demanding that we evolve.   And unless we do, we will be left behind on the trash heap that is those that refused to recognize the real opportunity is adding value even if it means we have to shift, evolve or change in order to remain relevant. 

What say you?

By Jeff Karotkin