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Monday, January 26, 2015

Dude Where Did My Service of Process Business Go?

For those following this blog for the last 5+ years know that I have focused it on how the Process Serving and Litigation Support industry has been or may be impacted by the digital revolution underway. 

This short post is no different.  It focuses on a troubling trend, the manner in which civil Subpoena's can be served (actually delivered) upon some of the largest companies in the world. 

After doing a little research for I found the 2015 Subpoena Guide produced by the Associate'sMind Blog to be a very informative and useful resource.  It provides links to detailed information about the polices and procedures of some of these entities in order to properly serve a Subpoena. 

After digging into the policies and procedures of these companies I found that many of them including Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn,  Snapchat, Pinterest and Craigslist all prefer Service of Process be delivered by other that traditional means.  Amazon's information goes into great detail about how to issue a subpoena with a court local to them as well as providing directions that suggests the only way to serve them is via Certified Mail.

As a matter of fact based upon the information they make available the preferred/requested methods of delivery for a Subpoena for civil records are Email, Fax and Certified Mail. I guess this is not at all surprising to many of my readers I have been documenting instances of electronic service and communication for some time now.  

So if you are wondering where your Subpoena business went this may have something to do with it. 

Below is a screenshot of a web-page that AT&T makes available that directs you how to provide them with the information about your Subpoena and what number to fax it to...