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Friday, March 20, 2015

Michigan Landlords May Soon Serve Eviction Notices via Email

A Bill in the Michigan Legislature introduced earlier this year, if passed would allow landlords to give notice of an eviction via email if authorized by a written agreement.  

House Bill 4038 amends 1961 PA 236, entitled "Revised judicature act of 1961," by amending section 5718 (MCL 600.5718).  Specifically by adding section D that would provide email as a manner of notice to the other manners of notice already available. 

If you are a Process Server in Michigan that serves these types of notices this is a development that should catch your attention.  One has to wonder if  this possible development represents the new normal for the service of process business.

It would appear this Bill would get support from the landlord community... If this Bill represents what the landlords want and what the tenants want, what argument can the Process Serving industry make that would be effective in stopping or amending this Bill?

Those that follow this blog now that this is not the first time commented service of an eviction notice via email.  See this blog post from 2010 that explored this issue in a little more detail. 

by Jeff Karotkin