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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FTC Debt Collection Roundtable Video and Transcripts Now Available

he Federal Trade Commission held the second of three roundtable sessions around the country last week in San Francisco. The Service of Process has been a topic of discussion in the first two sessions. As you may know, the profession took a few kicks in the gut during the first roundtable in Chicago.

The San Francisco session also had the Service of Process on the agenda. This time around process servers were given an opportunity to participate as part of the panel of speakers. Paul Tamaroff and Andy Estin were on the panel and represented the interests of the private process serving profession. The San Francisco session was less painful to witness but it was not without its moments where the professionalism of the industry was called into question. Both Andy and Paul offered suggestions on how to address the problems.

If you are interested in viewing the video webcast or reading the transcripts of either the Chicago or San Francisco sessions that were dedicated to the Service of Process and Default Judgments. I have provided the following links:

Chicago Webcast:

Chicago Transcripts:

San Francisco Webcast:

San Francisco Transcripts:

You might want to take an Advil or two first.