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Friday, October 2, 2009

Service of Process Via Twitter

In an ever increasing and troubling trend, yet another court has allowed Service of Process using a social networking site.  

Yesterday an English High Court ruled that a court injunction (order) could be served via Twitter.  The Order approving this service method is being called the Blaney’s Blarney Order after the subject matter of the litigation.    The law firm representing the plaintiff in this case claims this is the first time an order has ever been served via Twitter. 

Not so fast...  It may not be the first time Twitter was used to provide notice to a party to a lawsuit.  Earlier this year a Dutch antipiracy group brought suit against Pirate Bay (a Swedish company accused of hosting illegal downloads) and provided notice via Facebook and a Twitter account claiming they weren't able to locate the company founders.  See tweet below.

It is interesting that many of the same issues process servers deal with in the physical world, exist in the virtual world.

- Can't locate the person to serve

- Get creative in serving the documents

- Claim you weren't served

- Serving the wrong person

In a previous post on this blog dated 9/11/09, I asked the question "Is this the future of Service of Process? If you have not already read that post I encourage you to do so, I cited a few other instances of social networks being used to effect service of process.

What do you think?