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Monday, December 12, 2011

Process Servers Thrown Under the Buss?

This afternoon National Public Radio (NPR) did a story on so called "Debtors Prison".  The story describes how some creditors  are employing the threat of Debtors Prison to enforce consumer debt.   NPR appears to cover the issue fairly.  In response to the NPR story InsideARM (online Accounts Receivables Management resource for Collectors) pointed out that NPR used an anecdotal example to highlight a very complex issue. 

The InsideARM writer defending creditors/collectors and in the process attempted to divert blame for part of the problem by suggesting that Process Servers are part of the core problem.   Below is the quote from InsideARM story.

“Regulators and ARM industry decision makers have long known that the issue of process serving in collection suits needs to be addressed. The FTC held extensive hearings on the matter two years ago, and some states have moved to put their own rules in place to prevent such warrants from being issued.”

The link in the quote above is to a story InsideARM wrote in 2009 entitled "Key Figures Download on Process Servers and Legal Collection Issues".  

To listen to the NPR Story: 

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