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Friday, December 9, 2011

Service of Process on Foreign Corps in the U.S.

United States Senate Bill S. 1946 introduced in the 112th Congress: 2011-2012; would require foreign manufacturers of products imported into the United States to establish registered agents in the United States who are authorized to accept service of process against such manufacturers. This is the third time that such a bill has been proposed in Congress. I believe that this bill deserves to be supported by all the state and national associations. If this bill were passed it could mean a new stream of process to be served in the United States.

In the past NAPPS took a neutral position on similar bills. Neither support or oppose; why? Without getting into the merits of the bill and if it is enforceable, why wouldn’t it be a good thing to allow process to be served in the U.S. on foreign entities doing business here? It seems to me that could generate a lot more work for process servers here. Those who are heavily invested in serving foreign process would naturally oppose this bill.

What do you think?

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Jeff H. Karotkin
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