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Monday, February 4, 2013

Is Service of Process via Facebook Viable?

Those that follow this blog know that I have documented and commented on Service or Process  by alternative means for the last few years.  Those alternative means have included email, fax, text, social media and others.   My intent is not to promote these manners of service but rather to call attention to it so that those in the industry have a better understanding of these developments and how they are impacting and shaping the future of Service of Process in the United States and throughout the world. 

Last week in my never ending effort to source more material that is relevant to the theme of this blog I happened upon a New Jersey Law Journal article entitled  - In Defense of Service of Process via Facebook by Mindi P. Fox who is an attorney at the firm Wolff Samson in New Jersey.

This article explores whether Service via Facebook should be seriously considered as a viable means of effecting service when other manners of service have been exhausted. 

"Due process demands that the court provide a plaintiff with the means necessary to best give notice of a claim to a defendant. Service by social media is a new opportunity to re-energize that timeless goal and should be strongly considered as a viable method of effecting service"

The article is definitely worth reading as it provide a lawyers perspective and analysis of the issues, challenges and opportunities associated with new methods of giving notice of a legal action.