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Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Red Tape or Opportunity?

Recently Introduced Maryland Bill SB0554 - Requiring the licensure as a private process service agency of any person who provides specified private process service; providing for the terms and renewals of the licenses, qualifications for and duties of licensees, display of licenses, and required records of a licensee; establishing specified administrative, financial, and surety bond requirements for a licensed private process service agency; establishing qualifications for and duties of certified private process servers;... 

More fall out from NY's Sewer Service?  Or the result of continuing FTC or CFPB pressure on collection attorneys and debt buyers and process servers just caught in the wake?  Either way, I suspect more of the same to happen all over the country.  I will suggest that most successful among us will stop fighting but rather embrace this change and make it work for them.  I am not saying roll over and get steamrolled, get involved and shape it to your benefit.
Or perhaps NAPPS and its 800K treasury can save the day...  Yeah Right.  That worked out well in NYC.
by Jeff Karotkin