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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Electronic Service of Process - Long Overdue Disucssion!

For some time now I have been writing on my Blog and on my facebook group SOPLF about Electronic Service and the challenges facing the industry, so much so, that I have made some in the process serving profession uncomfortable. A small group of individuals would rather I not provide my thoughts on these topics. A few have even seen fit criticize my motives for doing so on the social media platforms and list-serves. They have every right to do so. I just wish they were willing to encourage folks to think for themselves rather than discouraging a robust discussion of the issues facing the industry.
CALSPro gets it!  CALSPro is encouraging all in the industry to attend the California Association of Legal Support Professionals (CALSPro) annual conference later this month in Lake Tahoe, NV. Almost the entire conference is geared toward a robust and thoughtful discussion about the threats and opportunities facing the industry. 
Why would anyone want to discourage a discussion and exchange of ideas on what is arguably an important issue facing the private process serving industry? These folks believe that the threat of Electronic Service is "much a do about nothing".  Too bad most in the national leadership don't appear to get it. The only time they did was when I was involved and I did all the heavy lifting.  But I digress. 
Maybe they just don't like that someone other than themselves is expressing their views.   In my opinion that kind of attitude is irresponsible especially for those that might be in a position of authority for the private process serving profession. 

If nothing else I have gotten their attention and hopefully they are starting to acknowledge that we as a industry need to start paying more attention to electronic service of process and other challenges.  My intent all along has been to raise awareness so that the those in the industry  start to formulate strategies to help insure a path forward.

I will continue to seek out information about this and other challenges facing the industry so that process servers everywhere can make up their own minds and will hopefully be more informed.
The commentary and opinions expressed here are mine alone and not that of CALSPro or any other group or organization.
by Jeff Karotkin