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Friday, February 7, 2014

What Is The Most Pressing Issue For Process Servers Today?

What Is The Most Pressing Issue For Process Servers Today?
That depends upon what part of the country you operate in and the type of process that you typically serve.  Not all process servers are the same.  Many in the process serving business are primarily investigators and process serving is a sideline business.  And still others serve almost exclusively debt collection cases or foreclosure cases.  So I guess the answer to my question would vary depending upon who you ask.   Right?

Not so fast.  I will suggest to you that the answer has nothing to do with the types of process you serve or where you are located.   The answer to the question is INNOVATION or the lack thereof.  

Ask yourself if innovation in the legal support and process serving industry adding to or subtracting from your opportunity?  Those that think or fear that innovation is subtracting from the opportunity will likely cease to exist.  Some might argue that innovations like Electronic Filing and Electronic Service of Process will eliminate jobs and opportunity in the legal support and process serving industry?
I believe that some in our industry see more opportunity than ever.  Those folks that see opportunity rather than threats will capitalize on the rapidly changing landscape and reinvent themselves and their industry.  They will innovate. 
We know that there is a significant demand for court filing and service of process.  There are probably hundreds of millions process serving and court filing transactions that are being fulfilled physically in the United States every year... I would suggest that the fact that most of those transactions are being fulfilled physically represents massive opportunity for innovation and disruption.  
I believe that almost all court filing in California and in several other states will be filed by electronic means in the next 5-7 years; perhaps sooner.  With electronic filing gaining in popularity so too has the demand for electronic service between parties.   I believe that it would naïve to think that traditional service of process won't follow the same evolutionary path as court filing and notice/service between opposing parties.   Those that follow this blog know well that the evolution I am referring to has been underway for several years. 
Back to the original question. What is the most pressing issue facing the process serving industry?  If you believe as I do that the most pressing issue is our ability to innovate and remain relevant in the digital age; then you stand a chance of being part of the solution that includes electronic process serving and court filing companies.    
I am not suggesting that regulatory issues, process server licensing, legislative issues and sewer service are not important, they are.  Those issues have always been part of the challenges facing the industry.  I am saying that your ability to innovate and reinvent your business is the most pressing issue today and it is going to determine the future success of your company and perhaps the industry.  
Perhaps Steve Jobs said it best "Innovation Distinguishes Between a Leader and a Follower".  Which one are you?
by: Jeff Karotkin