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Monday, May 6, 2013

Does JJL Process take a shot at NAPPS?

Like them or not once again JJL Process is taking the lead when it comes to controlling the narrative for large volume consumer debt collection service of process.   JJL bills themselves as an industry leader and "the future of process serving"

If you recall they have been active attempting to establish industry standards for this segment of the process serving market.  NAPPS leaders had an opportunity to participate but chose to thumb their nose at the standard summit.   This quote is attributed to then NAPPS president by JJL “the collection industry has its own problems let them drive their own bus.” 

It would appear that the choice to stay away from the standards summit had everything to do with distancing NAPPS from JJL whom NAPPS appears to think is damaged goods.  Don't get me wrong I am not a fan of JJL but I do respect their efforts to take the lead and put their money where their mouth is.  It would be nice if NAPPS did the same. 

Here is the piece JJL recently wrote for InsideArm and collection industry online newsletter that is widely read by consumer debt collectors.   

"The goal of the Summit was to have a fully transparent and inclusive process of reviewing, revising and finalizing the advisory board’s draft document. Creditors, debt buyers, legal networks, collection law firms, compliance attorneys, process servers, trade associations and even a county judge participated in the Process Serving Standards Summit held in mid-2012 in Denver. The two-day Summit made numerous and significant revisions to the draft standards and each individual standard was democratically voted on by the participating organizations. In the spirit of inclusion, the Summit participants overwhelmingly directed that the standards be publicized in a comment period allowing for further revisions. Comments were received and several more revisions made to the standards by the advisory board."