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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Service of Process on Foreign Manufactures - To be performed in USA if Bill passes


Current law allows foreign companies selling defective products in the United States to dodge service of process, and they do. When a foreign company does that, it puts all of the burden on American retailers to account for any harm that is caused because of the defective product. That is not fair to American companies, and it's not fair to American citizens.

This bill streamlines service rules so foreign companies selling products here in America can be served with process here in America.

This is at least the 3rd separate session of Congress that a Bill like this has been introduced.  If this Bill were to pass as currently drafted it might create a huge increase in service of process domestically.  United State House Bill 1910 of the 213th Congress seeks to fix what some think is an unfair and broken system. Click link for a summary and text of the Bill

by SOPLF - Jeff Karotkin