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Friday, May 24, 2013

NY Federal Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Racketeering & Sewer Service Filed May 1, 2013

Earlier this month a nationally recognized law firm Hughes, Hubbard & Reed LLP filed a Federal Class Action law suit alleging FDCPA violations and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) against debt collectors and their law firm. 

The Complaint alleges the defendants were engaged in a scheme involving improper litigation activities and the hiring of process serving agencies engaged in Sewer Service.  

The complaint mentions the names of the individuals process servers and agencies it alleges were part of the scheme. 

For example, some of the affidavits of service falsely attested that the process server effected "personal service" on the defendant at an address where that person did not live at that time, or never lived.

Other affidavits of service attested that the process server served the defendant at an accurate address but by " substitute service" on a fictitious person, such as a non-existent relative.

Other affidavits of service reported that the process server effected "nail and mail" service on an address where the defendant never lived.

On information and belief, Defendants knew that the affidavits of service were highly likely to be false
On information and belief, Defendants knew that the vast majority of affidavits of
service supporting Defendants' applications for default judgment were fraudulent.
This case like the one filed in CA earlier this month could have a lasting impact upon the both the debt collection industry and the process serving industry.  Though there have been Sewer Service allegations for decades it was the American Legal Process case filed by the NY Attorney General that resulted in the far reaching regulations that currently face the NYC process serving industry.